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Risk List


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Table of Contents

1.     Introduction         

1.1     Purpose     

1.2     Scope     

1.3     Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations     

1.4     References     

1.5     Overview     

2.     Risks     

2.1    <Risk Identifier – a descriptive name or number>     

2.1.1           Risk Magnitude or Ranking

2.1.2           Description

2.1.3           Impacts

2.1.4           Indicators

2.1.5           Mitigation Strategy

2.1.6           Contingency Plan

2.2    <next Risk Identifier – a descriptive name or number>     

Risk List

1.                  Introduction

[The introduction of the Risk List provides an overview of the entire document. It includes the purpose, scope, definitions, acronyms, abbreviations, references, and overview of this Risk List.]

1.1               Purpose

[Specify the purpose of this Risk List.]

1.2               Scope

[A brief description of the scope of this Risk List; what Project(s) it is associated with and anything else that is affected or influenced by this document.]

1.3               Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

[This subsection provides the definitions of all terms, acronyms, and abbreviations required to properly interpret the Risk List.  This information may be provided by reference to the project's Glossary.]

1.4               References

[This subsection provides a complete list of all documents referenced elsewhere in the Risk List.  Identify each document by title, report number if applicable, date, and publishing organization.  Specify the sources from which the references can be obtained. This information may be provided by reference to an appendix or to another document.]

1.5               Overview

[This subsection describes what the rest of the Risk List contains and explains how the document is organized.]

2.                  Risks

2.1               <Risk Identifiera descriptive name or number>

2.1.1          Risk Magnitude or Ranking

[An indicator of the magnitude of the risk may be assigned to help rank the risks from the most to the least damaging to the project.]

2.1.2          Description

[A brief description of the risk.]

2.1.3          Impacts

[List the impacts on the project or product.]

2.1.4          Indicators

[Describe how to monitor and detect that the risk has occurred or is about to occur. Include such things as metrics and thresholds, test results, specific events, and so on.]

2.1.5          Mitigation Strategy

[Describe what is currently done on the project to reduce the impact of the risk.]

2.1.6          Contingency Plan

[Describe what the course of action will be if the risk does materialize: alternate solution, reduction in functionality, and so forth.]

2.2               <next Risk Identifiera descriptive name or number>