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The project manager role allocates resources, shapes priorities, coordinates interactions with customers and users, and generally keeps the project team focused on the right goal. The project manager also establishes a set of practices that ensure the integrity and quality of project artifacts.


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The skills and experience needed to fulfill the Project Manager role will depend on the size, and technical and management complexity of the project, but in varying degrees, to play the Project Manager role as defined by the Rational Unified Process, you must:

  • be experienced in the domain of the application, and in software development
  • have risk analysis and management, estimation, planning and decision analysis skills
  • have presentation and communication and negotiation skills
  • show leadership and team building capabilities
  • have good time management and triage skills, and a history of making sound decisions quickly under stress
  • have good interpersonal skills and show sound judgment in staff selection
  • be objective in setting and assessing work, ensuring team buy-in
  • share the architectural vision, but be pragmatic in the scoping and implementation of plans, and scrupulously honest in the assessment of outcomes
  • be focused on the delivery of customer value, in the form of executing software that meets (or exceeds) the customer's needs.

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