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Use-Case Storyboard <use-case name>
This report contains information regarding the storyboarding of a use case (<use-case name>) within the analysis model.
Role: User-Interface Designer
Tool Mentors: Creating a Use-Case Storyboard Report using Rational SoDA

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This report is used by various people interested in the use-case storyboard, such as user-interface designers, designers, testers, and managers.

Brief Outline To top of page

1. Brief Description
A brief description of the realized use case.

2. Flow of Events - Storyboard
A flow of events - Storyboard of the use-case storyboard.

3. Interaction Diagrams
Interaction diagrams of the use-case storyboard.

4. Participating Objects
Objects participating in interaction diagrams of the use-case storyboard. For each object, its class and brief description.

5. Class Diagrams
Class diagrams of the use-case storyboard.

6. Usability Requirements
Usability requirements of the use-case realization.

7. References to the User-Interface Prototype
References to the user-interface prototype from the use-case storyboard.

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