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Test Survey

This report contains information about the test implementation.
Role: Test Designer

Reported Artifacts


The purpose of a test survey is to provide information on the structure and contents of the test implementation.

Brief Outline

1. Introduction

Briefly summarizes the purpose of the tests.

2. Overview of Test Suites

Lists the heirarchy of Test Suites and their brief descriptions, showing how Test Suites depend on or utilize the services of other Test Suites.

3. Overview of Test Cases

Lists either the heirarchy of Test Cases or of Test Ideas and their brief descriptions. May be only a partial heirarchy showing higher-level elements of the heirarchy.

4. Test Suite Outlines

For each Test Suite, enumerates the list of the Test Scripts each Test Suite uses and—if necessary—a brief description of what each Test Script is for.

Optionally, the report may also show traceability references to which Test Case(s) or Test Idea(s) each Test Suite realizes.

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