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Design-Model Survey
This report contains an overview of a specific package or subsystem.

Reported artifact

Design Package, Design Subsystem


Tool Mentor: Creating a Package Report using Rational SoDA


This report provides an overview of a particular design package or subsystem. The package/subsystem is briefly described, and the contents are enumerated. Any contained interfaces are listed.

This report is used by various people interested in the package or subsystem: the software architect, designers, testers, and reviewers.

Brief Outline

  1. Brief Description

    A short description of the package/subsystem is presented here.

  2. Interfaces

    Each interface contained in the package/subsystem is enumerated here, along with its documentation and the operations it defines.

  3. Diagrams

    Any diagrams owned by the package/subsystem are presented.

  4. Contained Elements

The elements contained in the package/subsystem are enumerated here, first listing any contained packages/subsystems, then any contained classes. The name and brief description of each is presented.

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