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Class Report

A report containing information regarding a specific class within the design model.



Reported artifact

Design Class

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Creating a Class Report using  Rational SoDA


This report is used by various people interested in the class, such as implementers, use-case designers, designers, testers, and managers.

Brief Outline

  1. Brief Description

    A Brief Description of the class.

  2. Responsibilities

    The Responsibilities of the class, including their names and brief descriptions.

  3. Relationships

    The relationships involving the class.

    1. For associations and aggregations, their names, brief descriptions, and associated classes are included. Also include the role name, multiplicity, and navigability of the role involving the class in question.
    2. For generalizations, their brief descriptions, associated ancestor class, and stereotype (if any) are included.
  4. Operations

    The Operations of the class, including their name, brief description, arguments, and implementation specification.

  5. Attributes

    Attributes of the class, including their names, types, and brief descriptions.

  6. Special Requirements

    The Special Requirements of the class.

  7. Diagrams

    Any diagrams local to the class.


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