Report: Business Object Model Survey

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Business Object Model Survey
This report contains a survey of the business object model. The business structure is shown hierarchically.
Role: Business-Process Analyst
Tool Mentors: Creating a Business Object Model Survey using Rational SoDA

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This report is used by various people interested in the business object model, such as the customer, users, business analysts, software architects, system analysts, designers, testers, managers, and reviewers.

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1. Introduction
An Introduction to the business object model.

2. Organization Units
This section presents the organization units hierarchically, explains the dependencies among them, and shows the content of each organization unit recursively. If the model has several levels of organization units, those at the top-level are presented first. The organization units within these are presented next, and so on, all the way down to the organization units at the bottom of the hierarchy. For each organization unit include:

  • Its Name.
  • A Brief Description.
  • A list of the business workers and business entities owned by the organization unit, including name and a brief description.
  • A list of the relationships owned by the organization unit, including the name and a brief description of each relationship.
  • A list of the organization units directly owned by the organization unit, each presented in the same hierarchical manner as above.

3. Diagrams of the Business Object Model
The diagrams, primarily class diagrams, of the entire business object model are included here. Business use case realizations and their diagrams are reported separately in Report: Business Use-Case Realization .

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