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Review Levels




This artifact is part of the delivery at a specific milestone and requires some form of approval by the customer, the sponsor or some other external stakeholder. The review record is configuration managed along with the artifact. 

For example, the Vision and the Business Case are artifacts that normally have to be reviewed by stakeholders. 


This artifact is formally reviewed internally by the project. The review record is configuration managed along with the artifact.

For example, the interfaces of design subsystems usually have to be reviewed and approved by several members of the project. 


This artifact is reviewed, but not formally approved. The artifact is developed and maintained. It is normally not discarded after the project is complete and there isn't any review record. Design classes and components are typical examples of artifacts that are not formally reviewed. This can still mean that someone, perhaps a peer, will review it. 


This artifact does not need to be reviewed or approved. The artifact is created as work information. It is often a temporary artifact that is discarded after the project is complete. 

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