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User-Interface Guidelines
Project-specific guidelines on how to create the user interface.
Role: User-Interface Designer
More information: Guidelines: User Interface (General)

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Purpose To top of page

The following people use the User-Interface Guidelines:

  • User-Interface Designers when they model and prototype the user interface.
  • Designers and Implementers when they implement the user interface.

Properties To top of page

The User-Interface Guidelines should give project-specific rules and recommendations for building the user interface, if needed. This is important if an extensive part of the system is dependent on the user interface and if usability is being emphasized.

These guidelines can also refer to external publications, such as The Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design, by Microsoft® Corporation.

Timing To top of page

The User-Interface Guidelines are created early in the Inception phase.

Responsibility To top of page

A User-Interface Designer is responsible for the integrity of these guidelines, ensuring that they fulfill the needs of the project.

Tailoring To top of page

The User-Interface Guidelines should be tailored to support the needs of the project.

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