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Test Class
A stereotype of Class in the design model.
UML Representation: Class, stereotyped as «test class»
Role: Designer

This artifact is only used if you are designing and implementing test specific functionality.

Reports: Class Report
More information: Guidelines: Design Class

Input to Activities: Output from Activities:

Purpose To top of page

The purpose of the test class is to identify the test-specific functionality to facilitate or automate tests. This test-specific functionality should be included in the design model. There are two main types of test-specific classes in a design model:

  • Test classes that are "stubs" for design classes that you need to simulate or that you have decided not to include completely in a test target.
  • Test classes that are drivers, facilitating the automation of test cases.

The Implementer uses the test classes to implement the test specific functionality.

Properties To top of page

See Properties in Artifact: Design Class.

Timing To top of page

Test classes are created and modified in parallel with creating and modifying the corresponding design classes.

Responsibility To top of page

See Responsibility in Artifact: Design Class.

Tailoring To top of page

See Tailoring in Artifact: Design Class.

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