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Programming Guidelines
Describes the conventions to be used when working with the programming language.
Role: Software Architect
Enclosed in: Software Development Plan
Examples: (may be used as-is)

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Purpose To top of page

The purpose of the Programming Guidelines is to describe how you write code.

Timing To top of page

Programming Guidelines should be developed early in Elaboration phase, before final-quality code assets are developed.

Responsibility To top of page

The Software Architect is responsible for the integrity of the Programming Guidelines.

Tailoring To top of page

You should adjust the outline of the Programming Guidelines as listed here:

  • Some sections may be removed or added to handle the specific features and limitations of the particular programming language.
  • Some of the sections may be irrelevant for your project.
  • The order of the various sections may change, depending on the system's stakeholders and their focus or interest.

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