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The packaging of a product for market appeal distinguishes it from a deployment unit. A product can contain multiple deployment units, and may be accessible as a downloadable commodity, in shrink wrap or on any digital storage media formats.
UML Representation:  Package, stereotyped as a «product».
Role: Deployment Manager

Input to Activities: Output from Activities:

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The Product is the purpose! The entire project effort is geared to creating a product that provides benefit to the user community. The success of a product lies in its use.

Timing To top of page

The Product is defined as a Deployment Unit that has been packaged for sale and distribution. As there is a manufacturing cost associated with mass producing a product, the Deployment Unit will typically be released to manufacturing in the late Transition iterations. By that time the software has under gone internal and beta testing, and is sufficiently mature for mass production.

Responsibility To top of page

As with quality, the product is everyone's responsibility, however, it is the Deployment Manager who has to ensure that the product conforms to the Bill of Materials, and is adequately inspected for completeness prior to shipment to the customer.

Tailoring To top of page

Tailoring of this artifact should be documented in the Artifact: Bill of Materials.

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