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Product Artwork
 Product Artwork includes the text (print specs) and artwork that will be used to 'brand' the product. The Product Artwork may appear on physical packaging or on a web site.
Role: Graphic Artist

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Product Artwork fulfills a "marketing function". The purpose of Product Artwork is to distinctly brand the product so that it is distinguishable and attractive to the potential consumer. In the case of products available over the internet, product artwork may extend to the "look and feel" of the host web site, and the overall image the vendor is trying to project.

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The concepts for the Product Artwork can start to emerge as early as the Inception Phase when the overall vision is being set. As with the project software, the vision and product features and associated artwork are refined over successive iterations. Product Artwork needs to be in place in time for the mass production of the software and its packaging in the late Transition Phase.

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The product artwork is created by the Graphic Artist under the direction of the overall project vision, and the exact artifacts required in mass producing the product.  Product artwork includes both the textual and graphical aspects of the product. All the items required to create the product (as listed in the Bill of Materials) are released to manufacturing by the Deployment Manager.

Tailoring To top of page

Decide what, if any artwork, is required for the product.


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