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Configuration Audit Findings
The Configuration Audit Findings identify a baseline, any missing required artifacts, and incompletely tested or failed requirements.
Role: Configuration Manager

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Purpose To top of page

The purpose of the Configuration Audit Findings is to report on whether:

  • the performance of the developed software conforms to its requirements
  • the required artifacts are physically present

Brief Outline To top of page

The following topics need to addressed in the Configuration Audit Findings:


Date of Audit
The Intent of the Audit
Overall Assessment

Physical Configuration Audit

Baseline Identification
Missing Artifacts

Functional Configuration Audit

Untested Requirements
Failed Requirements
Open Change Requests

Corrective Actions

Follow-up Date

Timing To top of page

The Configuration Audit Findings are prepared as part of getting a baseline ready for release.  It occurs after system testing and prior to final acceptance testing.

Responsibility To top of page

The Configuration Manager role is responsible for the integrity of the Configuration Audit Findings, ensuring that the corrective actions raised in these findings are addressed in a timely fashion.

Tailoring To top of page

Consider documenting the corrective actions as change requests (see Artifact: Change Request).  Document tailoring decisions can be found in the Artifact: Configuration Management Plan.


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