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Business Worker
A business worker is a class that represents an abstraction of a human that acts within the system. A business worker interacts with other business workers and manipulates business entities while participating in business use-case realizations.
UML representation: Class, stereotyped as «business worker».
Role: Business Designer
Optionality: Can be excluded.
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Purpose To top of page

The following people use the business worker:

  • The business designer describes the business worker in order to explain a role or set of roles in the business.
  • A system analyst uses the business workers as input when identifying system actors and use cases.

Properties To top of page

Property Name

Brief Description

UML Representation

Name The name of the business worker. The attribute "Name" on model element.
Brief Description A brief description of the role and purpose of the business worker. Tagged value, of type "short text".
Responsibilities A survey of the responsibilities defined by the business worker. This may include the business worker’s lifecycle, from being instantiated and populated until the job is finished. A (predefined) tagged value on the superclass "Type".
Relationships The relationships, such as generalizations, associations, and aggregations, in which the business worker participates. Owned by an enclosing package, via the aggregation "owns".
Operations The operations defined by the business worker. Owned by the superclass "Type" via the aggregation "members".
Attributes The attributes defined by the business worker. - " -
Characteristics Used primarily for human business workers: The physical environment of the business worker, the number of individuals the business worker represents, the business worker's level of domain knowledge, the business worker's level of computer experience, other applications the business worker is using, and other general characteristics such as gender, age, cultural background, etc. Tagged value, of type "formatted text".
Competence Requirements A description of skills a business worker needs to perform a job, as well as any other relevant information about the business worker that is not mentioned elsewhere. Tagged value, of type "short text".
Diagrams Any diagrams local to the business worker, such as interaction diagrams or statechart diagrams. Owned by an enclosing package, via the aggregation "owns".

Timing To top of page

Business workers are created primarily during the elaboration phase.

Responsibility To top of page

A business designer is responsible for the integrity of the business worker, ensuring that:

  • The name and brief description are explanatory.
  • The responsibilities are correctly described.
  • The business worker has the appropriate relationships, attributes, and operations defined to fulfill its responsibilities.

Tailoring To top of page

If you are not combining business and system models, you can use the stereotype name «worker» instead.

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