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Business Modeling Guidelines
Describes the business modeling guidelines.
Role: Business-Process Analyst
Enclosed in: Software Development Plan

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Purpose To top of page

The purpose of the Business Modeling Guidelines is to describe how you should model business use cases, business workers, and business entities.

Timing To top of page

The Business Use-Case Modeling Guidelines are developed early in the Inception phase.

ResponsibilityTo top of page

The Business-Process Analyst is responsible for creating the Business Use-Case Modeling Guidelines.

Tailoring To top of page

Business Modeling Guidelines are only required when the project needs to formally model the business to build a new system. This occurs in cases where the business process is complex and modeling helps to improve understanding, or in cases where the business process in being redesigned concurrently with the design of the new system. The degree of business process redesign, or the complexity of the business process, will dictate how comprehensive the Business Modeling Guidelines need to be.

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