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  • To make the project members use the development case together with the supporting tools.
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Frequency: Once every iteration in the software project.
Role: Process Engineer
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When the new or updated development case is ready, you need to launch it to the project. This means that you make the development case public, together with the new guidelines, new templates, and new tools.  Unless the change is trivial, you need to educate the people in the project to use the new process and tools. 

Make the Changes Public

Inform all project members about the development case, guidelines, templates and tools. If the project has a project web site, the changes should be posted there, in addition to notifying the project members. 

Educate Project Members

Unless the change is trivial, you need to educate the project members about the new development case, guidelines, templates and tools. 

The following are some ways to educate the project members:

  • Seminar. If the change is small or easy to understand it can be acceptable if the process engineer presents the new on a seminar. This type of seminar typically takes 1-3 hours.   
  • "Kick-start" workshop. Arrange a one-day workshop for all project members, where they follow the new development case, guidelines, templates, and use the tools. See Work Guidelines: Development Case Workshop, for details on how to arrange such a workshop. Notice that a "kick-start" workshop assumes that the participants have taken the relevant standard training courses. 
  • Customized training courses. If the project member have not attended the standard training courses in process and tools, an alternative is to customize the standard training courses, to cover the project's development case, guidelines, templates and tools. However, it can be expensive to customize training courses.
  • "Boot-camps", 1-5 weeks of concentrated hands-on training. Not many organizations can afford to arrange these kinds of boot-camps, but they have proven to be efficient if there are many new factors for the people in the project. A boot-camp is typically a mixture of seminars, training courses and hands-on work with the process and tools.

While presenting the new material and educating project members, you are likely to receive feedback and discover defects in the development case, guidelines, templates or tools. Trigger change requests where appropriate.

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