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  • To develop the end-user support material.
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Frequency: In each iteration.
Role: Technical Writer

Workflow Details:

Writing good end-user materials involves the following practices:

  • Organize information for ease of access.
  • Write instructions in such a way that they are easy to follow.
  • Structure the information so that it is easy to skim, yet provide sufficient information for novices.
  • Clearly differentiate between types of information, such as concepts, background, purpose, feedback, and actions.
  • Use graphics to support your text. This clarifies concepts and instructions, and it also helps reduce the number of words needed.
  • Explanations should be supported by examples to help users apply new information to their context.

End-user support materials today are for most professionally designed products produced as applications on their own, such as help systems or web sites. Producing such an application is often a project in its own right, and needs to follow the following steps in each iteration of the lifecycle [HAC97]:

  • Produce a high level plan for the information that is to be presented.
  • Specify the contents in detail.
  • Implement the information contents.
  • Test and produce the materials.
  • Evaluate.

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