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The following Rational Unified Process (RUP) specific document templates are provided for use with Microsoft Word and HTML.

Business Modeling

Artifacts Word Template File Name
Target-Organization Assessment rup_tarorgass.dot
Business Architecture Document rup_barchdoc.dot
Business Glossary rup_bgloss.dot
Business Rules rup_brul.dot
Business Vision rup_bucs.dot
Business Use-Case rup_bucr.dot
Business Use-Case Realization rup_bvis.dot
Supplementary Business Specification rup_sbs.dot


Artifacts Word Template File Name
Glossary rup_gloss.dot
Requirements Management Plan rup_rmpln.dot
Vision rup_vision.dot
rup_vision_sp.dot (tailored for smaller projects)
Supplementary Specification rup_sspec.dot
Stakeholder Requests rup_stkreq.dot
Use-Case rup_ucspec.dot
Software Requirements Specification rup_srsuc.dot (with use cases)
rup_srs.dot (without use cases)

Analysis & Design

Artifacts Word Template File Name
Software Architecture Document rup_sad.dot
Use-Case Realization rup_ucrs.dot


Document Title Word Template File Name
Test Plan rup_tstpln.dot
Test Evaluation Summary rup_tsteval.dot


Artifacts Word Template File Name
Business Case rup_buscs.dot
Iteration Plan rup_itpln.dot
Iteration Assessment rup_itass.dot
Measurement Plan rup_mspln.dot
Product Acceptance Plan rup_pacpln.dot
Problem Resolution Plan rup_prspln.dot
Quality Assurance Plan rup_qapln.dot
Risk List rup_rsklst.dot
Risk Management Plan rup_rskpln.dot
Software Development Plan rup_sdpln.dot
rup_sdpln_sp.dot (tailored for smaller projects)
Status Assessment rup_stass.dot

Configuration & Change Management

Artifacts Word Template File Name
Configuration Management Plan rup_cmpln.dot


Artifacts Word Template File Name
Bill of Materials rup_blomtl.dot
Deployment Plan rup_dplpln.dot
Release Notes rup_relnt.dot


Artifacts Word Template File Name
Integration Build Plan rup_ibpln.dot


Artifacts Word Template File Name
Business Modeling Guidelines rup_bmgd.dot
Design Guidelines rup_desgd.dot
Development Case rup_devcs.dot
Development-Organization Assessment rup_dorgass.dot
Programming Guidelines rup_prggd.dot
Test Guidelines rup_tstgd.dot
Use-Case Modeling Guidelines rup_ucmgd.dot

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