LECTURES - Fault Tolerant Computing

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Monday Class Schedule
August 28 Chapter 1 Case for studying FT, Basic Definitions, Fault-Tolerant Considerations in Design and Manufacturing, Cost Models
September 18 Appendix A
Chapter 2
Probability Theory
Codes: Basic Principles, Error-Detection
Turbo Code Graphic
September 25 Appendix B Reliability Theory
Markov Reliability & Availability Models
October 2 Chapter 3
Problem Set # 1 Due
System Reliability: Redundancy, Spares & Repair
RAID Systems Reliability
Commercial FT Systems
October 9 Chapter 4 Triple/N-Modular Redundancy
Voters, Repairable Systems
October 16 Chapter 4 (con't)
Mid-Term Exam Review
Problem Set # 2 Due
Exam to cover: Chapters 1 - 4
and Appendices A & B
Review Problem Sets # 1 & # 2
October 23 Mid-Term Exam
Assigned Seating
Monday 1 - 3 PM
Room: Delta 242
October 30 Chapter 5 Software Error Models
Software Reliability
Software's Life Cycle
November 6 Chapter 5 (con't)
Appendix D
Reliable Programming Examples
Error and Reliability Modeling
Computer Analysis Programs
PRISM Reliability Model
November 13 Byzantine General's Problem
Byzantine Resilience
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
November 13
Last Day to Drop
November 20 Overview of Current FT Topics
Future Trends in High Reliability Computers
Problem Set # 3 Due
Probabilistic Risk Assessment, 1553 Busses, COCOMO
November 22 - 24
(Wednesday - Friday)
Thanksgiving Holidays University Holiday Period
November 27 High Reliability/FT Topics (con't) Automotive Technology, CMMI, SIL, Product Lifespans
December 4 Final Exam Review
Failure Data Analysis Project Submission
Review Problem Set # 3
Overview of Entire Semester
December 11 Final Exam
Assigned Seating
Monday 1 - 4 PM Room: Delta 242
Fall Grades Available over E-services
December 22nd
Errata Sheet (.docx)