Hisham Al-Mubaid, Ph.D.


Professor, Computer Science & Computer Information Systems

Department of Computer Science

University of Houston-Clear Lake



Office: Delta D-168       Email: Hisham at UHCL dot Edu

Tel: (281) 283-3802     Secretary: (281) 283-3860.



Research interests:   Bioinformatics and Machine learning; and includes: GO based similarity, gene functional similarity and cross-ontology similarity. Gene disease associations, genentic variants and mutations classification. Biomedical term classification and disambiguation, Biomedical concept similarity, Natural language processing: context-based spelling, text categorization, word prediction and disambiguation.


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-- CSCI5232 Concepts of Programming Languages; CSCI5132 Internet Protocols; CSCI5933 Computational Bioinformatics;

Selected Services


  - Conference Chair:   BICOB-2020 (San Francisco, USA, March 2020), BICOB-2015 (March 2015, HI, USA) ; BICOB-2014 ; BICOB-2013 ; BICoB-2012 ;

  - Program Chair (conferences):  BICoB-2011; SEDE-2009; BICoB-2010; SEDE-2008


  - Program Committee Member: (selected conferences): IEEE CEC 2015; ACM SAC 2015; ACM SAC 2014; ACM SAC 2013; IEEE BIBM 2013; IEA_AIE 2013;  CIKM 2012; IEEE BIBM 2012; ACM SAC 2012 (database track); IEEE CEC 2011; ACM SAC 2011 ; ACM SAC-2010 (DTTA); ACM SAC-2009 (DTTA); PAKDD-2010; ISIICT-2011; ICCBALI 2011; ICCA-2011; ICIT-2011; PAKDD-2009 (Thailand); KDIR-2009 (Portugal); SIAM SDM-2008;

     IEEE BIBE 2008; IEEE WCCI/CEC-2008 (Hong Kong); IEEE CDS-2007(Toronto, Canada);IEEE 2007 CEC (Singapore); ACIT-2003 (Egypt); ITNG-2007; IEEE BIBE 2007; BMEI-2008(China);IJEI; IAJIT




§ Distinguished Dissertation Award, for distinguished PhD dissertation. University of Texas at Dallas, August 2000.

§ Presidential Research Fellowship, State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo, NY, March 2001.

§ CASTL’04 Scholar. CASTL’04 Institute, June 2004.

§ Piper award for Teaching Excellence Finalist, UHCL, 2007.

§ CASTL’07 Scholar. CASTL’07 Institute, June 2007.

§ Piper award finalist, UHCL, 2010.

§ Piper award finalist, UHCL, 2018.


 MS Thesis Supervised:


- Noushin Ghaffari: Exploring Machine Learning and Text Mining in Information Extraction Using Gene Expression Profiles and Biomedical Literature. April 2006.

- Hoa A. Nguyen: New Semantic Similarity Techniques Applied in the Biomedical Domain and WordNet. November 2006 {implementation: http://search.cpan.org/~btmcinnes/UMLS-Similarity-0.17/lib/UMLS/Similarity/nam.pm }

- Duc Duong: Using Text Mining to Extract Gene and Protein Synonyms from Biomedical Texts. July 2007

- Elham Khabiri: Using Semantic Similarity Measures in the Biomedical Domain for Functional Similarity of Genes based on Gene Ontology. November 2007

- Anurag Nagar: Functional Analysis of Genes Using the Gene Ontology: Gene Similarity, Clustering,

                           and Classification. April 2008..

- Duong B. Nguyen: New Methods for Prediction and Feature Weighting in Bioinformatics. 2015.




     - Guest Editor: Special issue: Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology JBCB, vol. 12, No. 5, October 2014: F. Saeed, H. Al-Mubaid, B Dasgupta (Guest Editors): J.  Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (ISI journal, indexed in Medline) 12(5), 2014.

- Guest Editor: Special issue: Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology JBCB, vol. 11, No. 5, 2013: B Dasgupta, H. Al-Mubaid, & F. Saeed: Special Issue on Selected Papers from the 5th Int'l Conf. on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (Bicob 2013). J. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 11(5), 2013.
      - Guest editor: IJCA, Vol. 19, No. 2, June 2012 (http://www.isca-hq.org/j-list.htm).

      - Proceedings of BICoB-2011, March 2011, New Orleans, LA USA.

      - Guest Editor: Intl J. of Rapid Manufacturing (IJRapidM), Special Issue on Data Mining and Knowledge Management. September 2010. http://www.inderscience.com/browse/callpaper.php?callID=1135

      - Proceedings of the 16th Intl. conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering SEDE-2007, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

      - Proceedings of SEDE-2008, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

      - Proceedings of SEDE-2009, June 2009, Las Vegas, NV USA.

      - Proceedings of BICoB-2010, March 2010, Honolulu, HI USA.


§  M.S., Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas.

§  Ph.D., Computer Science (Distinguished Dissertation Award), University of Texas at Dallas, August 2000.



 - UMLS-Similarity-0.17 > UMLS::Similarity::nam:


 - BioMiner

 - BioMedSim(semantic similarity of biomedical terms)

 - Ltest

 - TC

 - SemSim


Conference Chair:

§  Program co-chair of SEDE-2007: 16th Int’l conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering, Las Vegas, USA, July 2007.

§  Program co-chair of SEDE-2008, Los Angeles, USA, July 2008.

§  Program co-chair of SEDE-2009, Las Vegas, USA, July 2009.

§  Program chair: BICoB-2010 2nd Int’l Conf on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, March 2010. http://sce.uhcl.edu/bicob10/ 

§  Program chair: BICoB-2011; 3nd Int’l Conf on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, New Orleans LA, USA; March 2011.  






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