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UHCL NSF Scholar Program for Computing and Mathematics
The scholar program has been completed and will longer accept applications. Thank you for your interest.

There will be some changes of the program, including emphasis on undergraduate research, industrial mentoring and a component on input based scholarship award. Scholarships will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

Applications will be processed as soon as possible after they are completed. The earlier you apply, the speedier your application will be handled and the more time you will have to correct any potential problem. Both new and current UHCL students satisfying the requirements may apply. To apply, print out the application packet and fill out the application form below. Scan the form and all supporting document and send them through email to both Dr. Yue and Dr. Hall. Return the signed hard copy with supporting documents to Ms. Jsaniese Parham (Delta 164). Email communication is not 100% reliable. If we do not acknowledge the receipt of your application, please follow up your email submission to check ensure that we have received your application.


UHCL is pleased to announce that the National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarship in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S-STEM) program has granted a new four year award to UHCL totaling up to $600,000 to fund up to 18 scholarships to undergraduate students in five program areas:

The basic qualifications for the scholarship recipients are the following:
  • United States citizens, Nationals refugee aliens, or permanent residents at the time of application,
  • Enroll full time at UHCL (12 credits, with at least 9 credits at UHCL during the award period),
  • Demonstrate financial need by following the Department of Education guidelines (using FAFSA:,
  • Major in one of the five STEM programs, and
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or above.
Benefits of the NSF Scholar Programs include:
  • Up to $10,000 scholarship per student per year for the entire study period at UHCL
  • Membership in the prestigious UHCL NSF Scholar Organization
  • Faculty mentoring
  • Industrial luncheons: participation with local industry partners
  • Peer mentoring
  • Undergraduate research opportunity and support
  • Participation in career enhancement and placement activities

Recipients of the scholarship will not only receive financial benefits, but also invaluable assistance to launch their future careers on a solid foundation!

Program Activities
Some activities organized by the programs are reported in the CS/CIS Blog. Some recent examples:
You may also want to check the NSF Scholar Organization.
  • Scan the completed application package and email it to both Dr. Yue and Dr. Hall. Please keep your file size to under 6MB.
  • Return a hard copy of your signed form and the completed application package to Dr. Sharon Hall with all necessary documents.
  • Make sure that you have followed the checklist closely. Missing items may result in processing delay.
Contact Information

For further information, contact Dr. Kwok-Bun Yue or Dr. Sharon Hall (Program Directors).


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